Whether you are a newbie visitor to NSW, or you live here, Blacktown is a suburban area you must not ignore. Armed with 10s of tourist attractions that will make your stay memorable, this location will never disappoint. Talk of markets, parks, reserves, hotels, and anything else you want to see throughout a trip, Blacktown has them all. Here is a look at the most popular destinations in this residential area.

Atura Hotel Blacktown
If you wish to be treated like a king, then you got to pass by this prominent hotel in Blacktown. This is not your typical hotel where you come, take some food, enjoy yourself and leave. It is a sanctuary where value, service, and character is taken with utmost severity. If you have to leave from the foreseeable and get the most out of your trip, this Atura Hotel is the location for you.

Sydney motorsports park
Are you an adrenaline enthusiast? Are you that person who enjoys things that make you yell your heart out? This tourist attraction is the first of its kind in the suburb of Blacktown, and it’s the place where you can test your driving skills if you got the guts. It plays host to a variety of adrenaline activities including chauffeur training, track days, and regular race meetings. What makes this park perfect for fun enthusiasts is that it can hold up to four circuit configurations; thus you don’t need to invest a lot of time watching one event. Simply put, this park is a multipurpose venue, and can hold various activities concurrently.

Featherdale Wildlife Park
If you have to go out and with the wild, all you require is a 10 km drive to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Here, you will have a long eventful day, where you will socialize with over 2, 000 animals found in Australia, all from different types. The convenient location of this location makes it the largest privately-owned national Park with native animals in Australia, because it is only 45 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, and it is found a couple of miles from heaven Mountains.

Sydney Dragway
This is a fantastic destination that was specifically made for tourists who enjoy to view and take part in Dragway occasions. It is a motorsport venue that is utilized for street and professional drag racing.

The Prospect History Cottage
Being a history enthusiast implies that you need to find out the history of everything, and comprehend how everything in the environment is the wayit is today. The Prospect History Cottage is a location that preserves and secures the history of this prospect area. This home is also home to numerous archival materials; hence you can be guaranteed you will leave this location armed with a broad historical understanding about some phenomenon you will find in the environment.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney
This attract features A-class attractions and outstanding riding innovation that you can not find anywhere else in Sydney. Wet ‘N’ Wild is everything about taking fun to the next level for you and your loved ones. It’s an attraction you cannot avoid on your next journey to Sydney or NSW.