If you are looking for a refrigerator in Australia, you have probably realised that you cannot run out of options. This is because there are thousands of brands in the market, which means that you can easily get something that will complement your diverse needs and budget.

Nonetheless, all refrigerators are not created equal. There are those manufacturers who will make this appliance using some substandard materials and sell them cheap, while there are those who build their equipment with the end user in mind. Regardless of your budget, you need to go for the latter. One of the best brands that will ensure your food stays fresh for longer is Maytag, which is doubtlessly one of the most popular appliance brands sold in Australia.

Why Maytag?

When you talk to many Australian homeowners, they will tell you that Maytag is one of their most preferred brands when it comes to home appliances such fridges and freezers. This is because of various reasons which include;

  • Quality- with an original product from Maytag, you can rest assured that it will offer a blend of functionality and durability. This is because this brand manufactures all its products using the best materials in the market; hence ensuring that the end user gets the best out of them. Also, the products are packaged appropriately; hence mishaps that may arise from transporting them from the store to your home should be the least of your worries.
  • Longevity- as long as you take good care of a product you buy from Maytag, you can be sure that it will serve you for a few years without demanding a major repair or replacement. This is one of the reasons why most homeowners across Australia scribble it on top of their lists when shopping for home appliances.
  • Availability of spare parts- the worst experience you can face as a homeowner is buy an appliance which will give you the best service, but all of a sudden turns out to be a nightmare when it malfunctions. This is because finding spare parts can prove to be a vicious cycle, or even a near impossibility. Nonetheless, this can never be the case with Maytag appliances. Most appliance repair experts understand that this is a popular brand; hence they have all the spare parts in their stores, or they know where to get them in case they don’t stock them. Therefore, when you buy this brand, you can have peace of mind knowing that regardless of what happens, your appliance repair experts will have it fixed in no time.
  • Warranty- Maytag have confidence in their products; thus they will impose a limited warranty on them depending on their respective models. For fridges and freezers for example, you might be given a warranty of up to two years, and up to ten years on the motor. Therefore, you will have less to worry about repair costs until the end of this period.

The Top 4 Best Maytag Refrigerators

After reading the first section of this post, you have probably hit the market, and you are probably looking for the best Maytag refrigerator to take home with you.

Well, although all appliances from this brand have been tested and proven for over 125 years, it is good to go for a product that will suit your needs, and of course fit in your kitchen space.

To help you achieve this, we have outlined 4 of the best Maytag refrigerators you should consider. Read on! The Home Appliance Doctor can help you with any repair or replacement issues with any Maytag refrigerators.

  1. Maytag MFC2062FEZ

If you have a large household and you are looking for a fridge that can store enough food for everyone, you need the Maytag MFC2062FEZ. This appliance offers a large interior storage space and myriad of other useful features that ensures the end user gets the desired functionality and value for money.

Some of its most notable features include the Powercold Feature which helps brings the interior temperature of the freezer and fridge to the normal temperature after keeping doors open for an extended amount of time or when load it with groceries. Also, the highly silent and super-durable compressor works hand in hand with this feature to manage interior temperatures.

The compressor comes with a 10-year warranty, which means that you can have confidence when going for this product. Additional features include a stainless steel exterior which gives it an elegant finish, factory-installed ice maker, BrightSeries LED lighting, and contoured doors and Handles.

  1. Maytag MFF2258FEZ

This appliance features the popular French-door design, which not only makes it elegant, but also maximises the interior space. Also, it allows for simple management of frozen foods. It tags along a broad range of additional features which include a sleek stainless interior that makes it aesthetically appealing and keeps it looking as good as new for a long time, digital temperature controls, FreshLock Crispers, standard ice maker, gallon door Bins and BrightSeries LED lighting. If you are a shopper who cares less about the price tag and is interested in an appliance that has the best functional features in the market, then this 33” refrigerator was specially designed for you!

  1. Maytag MFI2570FEZ

If you have a large family, or you are a home-made chef who loves cooking every meal you can think off, this 36” appliance is all you need. It comes with the French-door design which offers more space, storage efficiency, and maximum convenience when handling frozen items. It also features a cavernous interior which holds a maximum of 25-cubic feet frozen foods and grocery.

This appliance also features a quick freeze feature which ensures the freezers temperatures are optimum at all times, as well as a PowerCold system which helps bring temperatures down to normal when you load the fridge with groceries. It has a factory-made ice maker, which gives you unlimited supply of different types of ice whenever you need them. Apart from having all these features, this appliance is ENERGYSTAR-rated; hence you can use it without worrying about escalating utility bills.

  1. Maytag MBF2258FEZ

This is one of the few refrigerators in the market made of finger-print resistant stainless steel in the market. The 33” appliance is highly attractive and equally functional. It comes with a number of functional features, including a 22 cubic feet interior space which can accommodate patty platters and large food items with ease. In addition, it features spill proof glass which makes it easy to clean, and a gallon door storage which further increases its capacity. The LED lighting and designer door pulls are other notable luxurious features we cannot overlook when talking about this surprisingly affordable 33” bottom-freezer fridge.

If you want to outfit your modern kitchen with luxurious refrigerators or freezers, Maytag is the perfect fit. This brand has a legendary reputation that dates back to over 10 decades ago, which means you can trust all its products including washers and driers! Good luck in your shopping expedition!