As a modern Australian homeowner, you are probably thinking of sprucing up your kitchen and laundry room, and one of the things on top of your list is to get rid of those old appliances and replace them with new ones. You have a number of brands in mind to choose from for your fridge, dishwasher, and washing machine, and the most perplexing part is that you cannot crack the puzzle and determine one that will work best for you.

For a fact, you don’t have to choose these appliances among thousands of options. There are a few popular brands in the Australian market, and the best decision you can make is to choose from one of them. But if you want equipment that will offer you with durability, aesthetics, and maximum performance, you need to consider Samsung.

Samsung is a brand that has been in the market for a long time, and is popularly know for the production of quality electronics such as mobile phones, televisions, and music systems. What many people don’t know is that this company also manufactures some of the best appliances you can find in the modern market.

Before we dive in to some recommended appliances from this brand, there are some tips you should remember when buying a Samsung appliance;

  • Always buy the appliance from a trusted dealer or online shop to avoid buying counterfeit products.
  • Samsung appliances can be expensive. Therefore, compare prices in different shops before buying do that you can ensure you are getting the best deal.
  • When you buy the appliance, make sure that you are given a warranty certificate. Samsung has a limited warranty placed on all its products. Therefore, if a dealer is hesitant to give you the certificate, then this is a red flag that you might purchase a counterfeit product which will not give you value for money.
  • Ensure that the product is well packaged and wrapped before it is transported. Remember, there are some types of damage which are not covered by the warranty; thus it is your duty to protect the item on transit to avoid an unexpected financial losses.
  • Samsung has different models of appliances to suit the diverse needs of its clients. Therefore, don’t buy an appliance blindly simply because you saw it in a TV program or in a magazine. Research on it, and ensure you are going for the product that will suite your needs and fit in your available space.
  • Finally, go for the best that you can afford. Don’t buy an appliance that will force you to break your bank, or throw yourself in a pool of debt. As mentioned earlier, this brand has a number of models; hence choose one that will complement your budget.

Best Samsung Appliances

To be honest, most Samsung products have undergone the test of time, and have proven to be highly efficient and reliable. However, below are some recommendations that might help you make a swift decision; hence smoothening your shopping experience.

  1. Samsung Dishwashers

If you are looking for a new dishwasher that will not include your hands in the washing process, you may want to check out what Samsung has to offer. Below is one of the best appliances from this brand:

  • The Samsung DW80K5050UG

To enhance its beauty and durability, this digital appliance is made of a black stainless steel. It has two dish racks, meaning that you can clean a good number of dishes at a go.

It has a maximum noise of 48dB, which makes it one of the quietest dishwashers in the market. its controls are fully digital, and features an integrated installation which saves space by ensuring the appliance will be part of your kitchen.

Other additional features that come with this appliance include delicate wash cycle, heavy wash, half load lower basket, and express 60 minute which enables you to clean your lightly soiled laundry in 60 minutes.

It has a number of customizable features which include adjustable tines, lower rack removable tine, adjustable lower basket, FlexLoad racking, and AutoRelease door.

This appliance will cost you $650 on the lower end and $850 on the high-end, but its functionality is worth every dime you spend!

  1. Samsung Washing Machines

In case you are looking for a washing machine that will lower running costs and give you a fast wash action, you may need to consider a Samsung washing machine. For ultimate convenience and performance, below is a review of one of the most recommended Samsung washing machines;

  • Samsung QuicDrive WW6800 (WW80M6450PW)

The main reason why this washing machine is highly popular is because it is built-in; therefore it promises swift washes and optimal performance. To be honest, this machine washes clothes faster than most of its competitors; thus making it one of the options you should consider when looking for the best appliance for your laundry.

This machine features Adwash, which means you can use the small space to put extra items that need a clean wash such as a few socks or towels.

With its quiet operation, app-based control and low running costs, this is doubtlessly the ultimate machine you have been dreaming about.

  1. Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung manufactures over 100 fridge models; hence choosing the best for your needs and budget is important. Below is one recommended appliance that will do more than keep your cheese, vegies, and milk fresh for long.

  • Samsung RH22H9010SR

This is one of the most visually appealing refrigerators available in the Australian market. It features an exterior showcase, which will help you monitor your food without opening its doors. If you are looking for a fridge that will give you an instant access to your ice-cold and refreshing drink, this is the masterpiece you need to go for.

This fridge comes with a power cool and power freeze option which allows you to adjust the temperature accordingly in a press of a button depending on what you want to achieve. Additionally, it comes with counter-depth design which not only blends with the kitchen décor for a chic look, but optimizes your workspace.

Whether you are looking for a washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, or oven in Australia, Samsung is one of the best brands you should consider. It features appealing products, not to mention that all its appliances are classy, high-quality, durable, and reliable. This brand has everything for everyone!