If you are doing a home remodel, there are high chances that you want to make the kitchen, which is doubtlessly the heart of your house outstanding. You have chosen the best decorative features for it, and time has come for you to choose sleek appliances that will enhance its beauty without having to break your bank.

The Australian market contains many brands, and deciding the best for you can be a perplexing undertaking. Nonetheless, if you need a brand that will combine affordability, performance, and efficiency, Westinghouse is what you need.

This American appliance maker has been selling the best fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, and other staples since the 20th century.

The main reason why Westinghouse will work best for you is because it only manufactures sleek and modern appliances, specially made for people seeking to build powerful kitchens.

How to Choose the Best Westinghouse Appliances

Regardless of whether you need an upmarket or a fairly cheap appliance from Westinghouse, you can rest assured that you will get it without much hassle. Nonetheless, there are some things you should do to ensure you are choosing the right appliance for your needs:

  • Insist on seeing the mark of quality

The Australian market is full of surprises. You will go looking for a Westinghouse fridge, but as soon as you buy it, it will start developing problems. Sooner or later, you realize that you purchased a counterfeit product and there is nothing you can do about it.

All products from Westinghouse bear the mark of quality. Therefore, before you make a purchase in your local store or complete an order online, ensure you have first seen this mark. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Remember, buying an appliance is an investment, and if you are not careful, your hard-earned money might go down the drain, and that is the last thing you want.

  • Consider the space

Don’t buy that Westinghouse appliance simply because you saw it in a magazine or a property show. You might have the money to purchase it, but do you have the space to keep it? This is the question you need to ask yourself. Therefore, ensure you measure the space before going to the market. This way, you will ensure that you are buying a perfect fit and one that will not clutter your kitchen area.

  • Buy from an authorised dealer

The worst thing you can do is buy a Westinghouse fridge, freezer or any other appliance from the streets. You might be disappointed in the long run when the appliance malfunctions and you need the warranty to come in handy. Therefore, ensure you look for an authorised dealer, because he will provide the convenience you need whenever you need a spare part, or you need the appliance repaired.

  • Affordability is key

The reason why most Australian homeowners consider this brand is because it’s fairly affordable compared to its competitors. Therefore, you need to consider your budget when going to the market. Remember, different online and offline dealers will sell this appliance at various prices; thus you need to look around and make sure you are getting the best deal!

  • Have it wrapped before transporting it

If you are transporting your Westinghouse fridge or any other appliance yourself, make sure it is well-wrapped. Even though it has been well-packaged by the manufacturer, you need to take extra caution. Protect your investment, by ensuring that you wrap it, and strap it well in your van before you move. This will prevent any damage that may not be covered by the warranty from occurring

Westinghouse Fridges

For many years, Westinghouse has been a perfect choice for most Australian homeowners because of the posh features that come with its appliances, especially fridges. The Home Appliance Doctor is an expert repairer of all Westinghouse fridges.

Fridges from this brand come at various models and prices. Therefore you can rest assured that regardless of your needs, you will get an appliance to fulfil them.

Apart from their legendary reputation, there are a number of reasons why the Westinghouse fridges stand out. They include;

FlexSpace- this is a feature that ensures the storage space is flexible. Therefore, you can make out the best out of your fridge capacity regardless of the things you want to store. The flexStor door design in these fridges enables users to slide, move, or lift door bins in multiple configurations. You can also purchase additional FlexSpace accessories such as bottle stop, pull out shelves, and door-mounted can dispenser.

Crisper divider- all Westinghouse Fridges come with a FlexFresh crisper design which helps in separating fruits and vegetables and keeping them fresh for a long time.

FamilySafe Lockable Compartment- this is a feature that comes in handy in your journey to keeping your children safe. When you use it, there is no way those prying little fingers can get certain items that could be dangerous to the young ones’ health.

Integration kits- apart from allowing the door to open 120 degrees wide, this feature helps match your fridge with other decorative features in your kitchen. You can buy this kit separately based on your needs.

The Type of Fridges Westinghouse Produces

This brand produces different kinds of fridges to meet the needs of different Australian homeowners. They are;

  • Bottom mount fridges
  • French door fridges
  • Side by side fridges
  • Vertical (single door) fridges
  • Bar fridges
  • Top mount fridges

For each refrigerator type, Westinghouse produces different capacities. This ranges from a huge 60L family fridge to a small 100L appliance.

Recommended Westinghouse Fridges

All fridges from Westinghouse are great, but for better performance, you may consider the following;

  1. Westinghouse 52L WBE5360SA

This is a bottom mount fridge that has various useful features including;

  • Humidity controlled crisper
  • A freezer with 1-half-width and 2-half width drawers
  • Doo alarm
  • LED internal lighting
  • Twist built-in storage bucket and an ice-cube tray
  • Separate temperature controls for fridge and freezer
  • EnergyStar rating
  • Fixed rear rollers.

This appliance costs $999

  1. Westinghouse 524L WHE5200WA/SA

This is a French door fridge that comes with an array of features including

  • LED internal lighting
  • Humidity controlled crisper bin with adjustable divider
  • Adjustable front rollers and fixed rear rollers
  • Removable mold-resistant door seals
  • Self-close freezer with 1-half-width shallow drawer and 2-full width baskets
  • Fridge door with Egg tray, FamilySafe lockable compartment, two shallow bins, and two dep bottle bins.

The appliance costs $2,349.

  1. Westinghouse 620L WSE6200WA

This is a side by side fridge that comes with the following features;

  • Four adjustable glass shelves in both the fridge and freezer
  • 2-full width humidity-controlled crispers
  • Fridge door with an egg tray, 1 FamilySafe lockable compartment, one shallow bin, and two deep bottle bins
  • Freezer with five full-width bins
  • Electronic touch controls with display
  • Bar handles
  • Removable mould-resistant seals
  • Door alarm

This appliance costs $1,900

In case you are looking for the best brand to spruce up your kitchen, then Westinghouse should be your ultimate choice!