As a popular author ones stated, “We never make history, history is exactly what makes us.” Whatever is around us is an item of history. Being a growing economy in Sydney, Blacktown has a rich history. This suburb dates back to 1788, and was originally occupied by the Darug tribe, and it acquired its name in the early 1820’s.

A fascinating thing to note is that a few of the buildings established even in the 1800s and early 1900s still exist in Blacktown NSW, and they still look as good as brand-new. Below are a few of the historical properties you will find in this Sydney Suburb.

The Prospect History Cottage
When you set your eyes on this home, you will not conform to the fact that it was constructed in the early 1890’s. Initially, it was a house that hosted the staff of the Prospect Reservoir, but today it has been transformed to become one of the best museums you can find in

Sydney and Australia at large.
It plays home to substantial information about considerable prospect figures such as William Lawson, the veteran hall (William Lawson’s farm), and his son Nelson Lawson.

There are also products connected to churches, quarries, the Reservoir, European settlers, inns, and early schools which are open for 5 hours on the 2nd and fourth Sunday every month of the year. You can get entry to this amazing place by just donating a single gold coin.

The Rouse Hill House and Farm
This is one of the most charming historic properties which plays host to the archives about the life, fortunes, and experiences of a pastoral family that lived in Australia ages back. It is believed that this place came into life in 1813 and hosted Richard Rouse and his household. When you visit this place, you will come into contact with equipment, gardens, buildings, and security apparatus used in the 19th century. This is a lifetime experience few would wish to miss out on, right?

The Blacktown Visitor and Heritage Centre
This is a historic property that makes it possible for countless visitors who throng this place every year to intermingle with Blacktown’s astonishing culture and heritage. This is the structure that hosted the Blacktown Public School, which in accordance with historic sources was the very first school in this suburb. The school, sadly, closed in the early 1990’s. The structure was renovated in 2007 and become the first Visitor Information Centre in Blacktown.

The Manse
This was originally a house which was constructed in 1887. Over the years, it has played the home of many users, and it is today inhabited by the Mount Druitt Historical Society.

If you wish to take genealogy classes, this is the place to go. After that, the society will take you to a fantastic path tour to the well-known Mount Druitt.

St. Bartholomew’s Church and Cemetery
This amazing place is the work of the legendry William Lawson and was constructed in 1838. It takes credit as the first church in Blacktown. The church oversaw the very first baptisms in this place, and Margaret, James Goodin, and Mary were the very first to be baptized according to the records. When Mary and Margaret passed away in 1841 and were buried here; for this reason making it an ancient cemetery.

The church prospered up until 1967 when an extreme vandalism attack, and was acquired by the city council of Blacktown in 2004.