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Fridge Repair           

Has the overall performance of your home appliance decreased – is it running more slowly, generating strange noises or, worse still, has it broken down completely?! Are you spending your money at the launderette, throwing away spoiled food, cleaning your cookware manually or relying upon take-aways, as you haven’t got round to repairing your home appliance?!

Are you worried about how much it will cost you? Can you imagine contacting a questionable technician who can’t differentiate the distinction between Bosch and Samsung? Are you thinking about fixing it yourself but you understand you might harm yourself or result in even more problems to the appliance?

The Home Appliance Doctor in Campbelltown (02) 8766 0610

Do not deal with this annoying inconvenience ever again! Contact the Home Appliance Doctor today and let our polite, certified and highly skilled technicians to fix your appliance quickly, successfully and at a lower price than you could expect.
So, no matter the mechanical or electrical trouble with your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, dryer or any other appliance, we’re the experts you have to contact to have your home running smoothly once more. We’re here to make your day-to-day life simpler, waking up daily to a properly working kitchen and laundry.

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We are a locally-run company devoted to offering excellent repair services for home owners, landlords, property supervisors as well as business procedures in Campbelltown and adjacent places. We pride ourselves on constantly offering a real-time customer satisfaction experience, repairs you can trust and count on at an affordable cost – and have already been doing this for numerous years!          

Our trusted business as well as its competent workers have been trained expertly, are certified, insured and are laced with knowledge when it comes to major models and appliance brands. They undergo regular updates on specifications, new technologies together with repair enhancements for appliances. Our workers are extremely approachable and friendly; they understand where you come from every time an essential home appliance has given up on you.

Dryer Repair

Mobile and Convenient (02) 8766 0610

There are a variety of appliance brands which we have expertise in – these include appliances from companies including Whirlpool, Samsung, Westinghouse, Bosch and Maytag. Our team will cater your repair requirements fast since we have a mobile fleet that serves its goal very well – which means we can swiftly aid you even when it is of a short notice. Furthermore, our business website is very responsive in arranging repair appointments that will work best with your schedule.        

The Home Appliance Doctor is fast and trustworthy. We will not have you waiting. Once you contact, we assess your problem without delay and send out a repair specialist to your home. Your valued appliance will be thoroughly checked to find out the specific reason for the issue and an estimate of the repair service charge is going to be given to you for your approval ahead of any type of work begins.

If the problem is an easy one, the repair will be carried out on the exact same day as your phone call. For more serious problems, we’ll be back at your home as quickly as possible with the necessary components. We also guarantee all appliance repair work we take on. 

We’re invested in fulfilling our customers and so, if you require a home appliance repaired and you are in Campbelltown, give The Home Appliance Doctor a call!

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Washing Machine Repair

technician Checking Washing Machine At Home

Nowadays washing machines are a vital workhorse of the domestic household. If they stop working, it leads to extensive disruption to the circulation of the home, requiring garments and bedding to get washed by hand or at the local laundrette. You want your washing machine serviced right away. Due to their sophistication and the number of models and brands, we invest significantly in cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to find the issue before repair starts.

We’re up for just about any task on washing machine repairs – we cater to top brands like Whirlpool, Westinghouse, Samsung, Maytag and Bosch.

Dishwasher Repair

no heat dishwasher

No individual finds hand washing the dishes entertaining! So, in the event whereby your dishwasher comes to an end, get in touch with The Appliance Repair Doctor – this will definitely allow you to stay away from family arguments concerning whose turn it is to carry out the plates!

Repairing a dishwasher might appear time consuming, but our experienced specialists can easily analyse and repair most problems. Usual issues include water leaks, inability to start, loud operation, not draining correctly, inability to fill with water, inability to dispense detergent, not correctly cleaning or drying dishes and door latch issues. We can easily fix all these complications for you.

We are experts in and offer assistance for Bosch and other dishwasher repair requirements!

Fridge Repair

Fridge Repair

Most homes own a fridge to store their perishable food. A very common concern is a broken thermostat and a blown fuse making the fridge to power down. In case your refrigerator isn’t working correctly, you’ve got a possible disaster on your hands. Time is important, to prevent the cost of rotten food. So, as soon as you discover that you have a situation, call our refrigerator repair company. All of our technicians are reliable and quick, and can save your refrigerator – and its items! They can also inform you on best practices to prevent the complications returning.

Our business provides solutions for refrigerator and freezer repairs of popular brands like Maytag, Bosch, Westinghouse, Samsung and Whirlpool. Furthermore, we cater to industrial businesses who require refrigerator repairs.

Oven Repair

Find the right convention oven for your home

We examine and fix all types of stoves and ovens (gas and electrical), checking for common complications including damaged gaskets, doors and heating element failures, which may incorporate a broken coiled surface element and malfunctioning of surface element board relays and switches.

Other Appliance Repair

We provide repair service for microwave ovens, dryers and all other household appliances – even those that require electrical repairs.

Other Services

We also provide appliance inspection and maintenance solutions and can recommend effective appliance cleaning steps. We can as well install your brand new appliance in your home for you.

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