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Fridge Repair           

Is your home appliance not working well? Is it working slower than it normally does? Perhaps, it is producing strange sounds? Or worse, is it totally broken? Are you spending more money at the laundry shop? Wasting food as it’s getting rotten? Handwashing cookware? Or perhaps depending on eating takeaways because you have not attended to the repairing needs of your home appliance?

Worried about the fee? Thinking about asking a bogus handyman who doesn’t understand the distinctions between a Samsung and a Bosch? Thinking of trying to repair it by yourself, but understand you will likely make the issue much worse and could hurt yourself along the way?!

The Home Appliance Doctor in Epping (02) 8188 4411

Do not continue with this trouble ever again! Give the Home Appliance Doctor a call today and let our pleasing, authorized expert specialists to repair your appliance successfully for a cheaper price than you may have thought.
So, regardless of the electrical or mechanical trouble with your dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, oven, washing machine and other appliance, we are the experts you should phone to get your home working efficiently once more. We’re here to help make your everyday life better, waking up daily to a well running kitchen and laundry.

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We’re a local business focused on supplying the best form of repair services for land lords, property executives, personal owners of homes and even for commercial businesses in Epping and its surrounding places. We’re happy to say that we have always provided very good experience when it comes to customer support. We’ve also continuously given trustworthy repair services based on affordable rates for many years!          

Our trusted company and its competent personnel have been taught expertly, are licensed, insured and are laced with experience when it comes to major models and appliance brands. They undergo consistent updates on requirements, new technologies together with repair enhancements for appliances. Our employees are very approachable and friendly; they understand where you come from when an essential home appliance has given up on you.

Dryer Repair

Mobile and Convenient (02) 8188 4411

There are lots of commercial appliances we take care of from a wide variety of manufacturers, such as Whirlpool, Bosch, Maytag, Samsung and Westinghouse. We are totally mobile, with a number of mobile vans to cater to your repair requirements, and can help you at a second’s notice. We also have a receptive web-based booking centre if that’s far more convenient to you.        

The Home Appliance Doctor is quick and dependable. We will not have you waiting around. As soon as you contact, we evaluate your situation immediately and send out a repair professional to your residence. Your treasured appliance is going to be thoroughly checked to identify the exact cause of the problem and a quotation of the repair fee is going to be provided to you for your acceptance before any work starts.

If the issue is an easy one, the repair will be undertaken on the same day as your phone call. For serious problems, we will be back at your home as soon as possible with the required components. We also warrant all appliance repair job we take on. 

We are focused on satisfying our customers so, whenever you need to have an appliance fixed and you are in Epping, give The Home Appliance Doctor a telephone call!

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Washing Machine Repair

technician Checking Washing Machine At Home

Today washing machines are a significant workhorse of the domestic household. Once they malfunction, it will cause tremendous interruption to the circulation of the home, requiring clothing and bedding to get washed manually or at the local laundrette. You would like your washing machine serviced quickly. Because of their sophistication and the number of models and brands, we invest significantly in modern diagnostic gear to diagnose the issue before repair begins.

We are up for just about any task on washing machine repairs – we take care of popular brands including Whirlpool, Bosch, Samsung, Maytag and Westinghouse.

Dishwasher Repair

no heat dishwasher

Nobody loves cleaning dishes manually! So, if your dishwasher grinds to a halt, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor to avoid family quarrels about whose turn it is to do the dishes!

Repairing a dishwasher may look time consuming, but all of our professional technicians can quickly diagnose and repair most problems. Typical issues include leakages, failing to start, noisy operation, not draining correctly, failure to fill up with water, inability to dispense detergent, not correctly cleaning or drying out dishes and door lock problems. We can easily fix all of these problems for you.

We are a specialised Bosch and business dishwasher repair solution provider.

Fridge Repair

Fridge Repair

Undeniably, most householders possess a refrigerator in which they can keep food items. However, refrigerators typically encounter a broken thermostat issue or a fuse that has blown which causes the refrigerator to stop functioning. In case you are encountering this problem and your refrigerator isn’t operating properly, a disaster is sure to be taken care of. With regards to this, time is very important to prevent food spoiling which means wasted money. Once you detect an issue, contact us immediately! All of our repair professionals are reliable, fast and will definitely fix your appliance. Additionally, they will also advise you effective methods on how to prevent the same issues from transpiring again.

Our business offers solutions for refrigerator and freezer repairs of major brands including Bosch, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag and Samsung. Furthermore, we accommodate industrial businesses who need refrigerator repairs.

Oven Repair

Find the right convention oven for your home

We evaluate and repair different kinds of stove, both electrical and gas, as well as oven complications such as malfunctioning gaskets and doors, broken heating elements, defective coil surface, malfunctioning of element board to relay and malfunctioning of buttons.

Other Appliance Repair

In addition, we repair clothes dryers, microwave ovens along with other home appliances, including the majority of electrical repairs.

Other Services

We also provide maintenance solutions and appliance inspections. We can suggest excellent ways of cleaning up the home appliances and we are equipped for installing brand new home appliances for your residence.

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Whatever your home appliance repair needs in Epping, get in touch with the doctor for a professional diagnosis and fast and effective repair. We’ll have your unit operating like new right away. Call or complete the form on this webpage.          


Epping NSW

Located 18 km northwest of the Sydney central business district, Epping is a district found in Sydney, Australia. It has a total of 21,000 inhabitants as of this writing. Historically, Epping was occupied for a long time by the Wallumedegal Aboriginal tribe. The settling place of such a tribe was discovered to be the area between the Parramatta River and the Lane Cover River. The Epping district was once called the Field of Mars, and eventually change its name in due time. The Epping railway station is where there shopping area is situated. In the district of Epping, its commercial establishments are supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and news agencies. Industrial establishments are also flourishing within its surrounding areas.

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