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Paddington Appliance Repair

Fridge Repair           

Is your home appliance not functioning properly? Is it working slower than it usually does? Perhaps, it’s generating unusual noises? Or even worse, is it totally broken? Are you paying out extra money at the laundry shop? Wasting food because it’s becoming spoiled? Hand washing plates? Or even depending on eating take-aways as you have not attended to the repairing demands of your home appliance?

Are you thinking about how much it will cost you? Can you picture approaching a questionable repairman who can’t differentiate the distinction between Bosch and Samsung? Are you planning on repairing it yourself but you understand you might hurt yourself or lead to more issues to the appliance?

The Home Appliance Doctor in Paddington (02) 8294 4972

Don’t continue with this trouble ever again! Give the Home Appliance Doctor a try now and permit our helpful, authorized professional technicians to fix your appliance efficiently for a cheaper price than what you might have thought.
So, no matter the electrical or mechanical issue with your dishwasher, oven, dryer, washing machine, refrigerator and other appliance, we’re the professionals you should call to have your home running efficiently once again. We’re here to help make your everyday life easier, waking up every day to a well running laundry and kitchen.

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We’re a locally owned business devoted to delivering first-rate repair support for homeowners, landlords, property managers as well as commercial procedures in Paddington and bordering places. We take great pride in always delivering a real-time customer satisfaction feel, repairs you can trust and count on at an affordable cost – and have already been doing so for numerous years!          

Our reliable company and its experienced personnel were trained expertly, are accredited, insured and are laced with knowledge when it comes to major models and appliance manufacturers. They go through consistent updates on specifications, new technologies as well as repair innovations for appliances. Our staff are extremely approachable and friendly; they are aware of where you come from every time a very important home appliance has given up on you.

Dryer Repair

Mobile and Convenient (02) 8294 4972

There are numerous commercial appliances we handle from a wide range of makers, such as Whirlpool, Samsung, Westinghouse, Maytag and Bosch. We are completely mobile, with a fleet of mobile vans to cater to your repair requirements, and can assist you at a second’s notice. We have a receptive web-based booking centre if that’s easier to you.        

The Home Appliance Doctor is quick and trustworthy. We will not keep you waiting. Once you call, we evaluate your situation right away and dispatch a repair specialist to your home. Your cherished appliance is going to be extensively examined to find out the exact cause of the problem and a quote of the repair service fee is going to be presented to you for your acceptance prior to any type of work commences.

If the problem is an easy one, the repair will be performed on the same day as your phone call. Regarding more severe problems, we’ll be back at your house as quickly as possible with the needed parts. We guarantee all appliance repair work we take on. 

We’re devoted to satisfying our customers and so, whenever you require a home appliance fixed and you are in Paddington, give The Home Appliance Doctor a phone call!

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Washing Machine Repair

technician Checking Washing Machine At Home

These days washing machines are an essential workhorse of the domestic household. Once they break down, it will cause extensive disruption to the circulation of the home, requiring garments and bedding to get cleaned manually or at the nearby laundrette. You would like your washing machine repaired quickly. Due to their sophistication and the collection of models and brands, we make investments heavily in high tech diagnostic devices to diagnose the problem before repair starts.

We are up for almost any task on washing machine repairs – we take care of popular brands such as Bosch, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Maytag and Samsung.

Dishwasher Repair

no heat dishwasher

Nobody prefers cleaning dishes by hand! So, if your dishwasher grinds to a stop, call the Appliance Repair Doctor to avoid family feuds about whose turn it is to carry out the dish washing!

Repairing a dishwasher may look time consuming, but all of our professional technicians can easily diagnose and repair the majority of the issues. Common issues include water leaks, failure to start, noisy operation, not draining correctly, failure to load with water, failure to dispense soap, not properly cleaning or drying out dishes and door latch issues. We can correct all of these complications for you.

We specialise in and give solutions for Bosch and other dishwasher repair needs!

Refrigerator Repair

Fridge Repair

Without a doubt, most homeowners possess a fridge for which they can store food. However, fridges often stumble upon a broken thermostat problem or a fuse that has blown which then causes the fridge to stop functioning. If you are going through this issue and your refrigerator is not functioning properly, a tragedy is sure to be taken care of. When it comes to this, time is crucial to avoid food items spoiling which implies lost money. Once you determine a problem, contact us right away! Our repair technicians are reliable, quick and will surely fix your appliance. Furthermore, they will also advise you helpful ideas regarding how to prevent the same complications from transpiring again.

Our company offers refrigerator (and freezer) repairs of all top refrigerator brands (like Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch and Maytag). We can also undertake commercial refrigeration repairs for almost all businesses.

Oven Repair

Find the right convention oven for your home

We analyse and fix all sorts of stoves and ovens (electrical and gas), checking for common issues including broken gaskets, doors as well as heating element issues, which may incorporate a damaged coiled surface element and failure of surface element panel switches and relays.

Other Appliance Repair

We also repair clothes dryers, microwave ovens as well as other home appliances, including most electrical repairs.

Other Services

We also provide appliance inspection and maintenance services and can advise on helpful appliance cleaning methods. We can as well install your brand new appliance in your house for you.

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Whatever your home appliance repair needs in Paddington, get in touch with the doctor for a specialized analysis and quick and efficient repair. We’ll have your unit running just like brand new right away. Call or complete the form on this webpage.          



Paddington is an urban eastern residential area of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Found 3 kilometres (one point 9 miles) east of the Sydney main downtown, Paddington lies throughout 2 city government locations. The part south of Oxford Street lies within the City of Sydney, while the part north of Oxford Street lies within the Municipality of Woollahra. It is frequently informally described as “Paddo”.

Paddington has actually never ever been a residential area with a thick native population.

Industrial activity in Paddington varies and can be divided into a variety of precincts.

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