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Fridge Repair           

Has the performance of your home appliance decreased – is it working slowly, producing weird noises or, worse still, has it broken down completely?! Are you wasting hard earned money at the launderette, throwing away rotten food, washing your cookware manually or relying on take-aways, because you haven’t got round to repairing your home appliance?!

Are you thinking about how much it’ll cost? Could you imagine contacting a questionable repairman who can’t differentiate the distinction between Samsung and Bosch? Are you thinking of fixing it by yourself but you know you might hurt yourself or cause even more issues to the appliance?

The Home Appliance Doctor in St Ives (02) 8776 3024

Do not continue with this trouble anymore! Give the Home Appliance Doctor a call now and let our pleasant, certified expert specialists to repair your appliance correctly for a lower price than what you could have expected.
So, regardless of the electrical or mechanical issue with your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, dryer or any other appliance, we are the professionals you should phone to get your home operating smoothly again. We are here to make your day-to-day life easier, getting up every day to a correctly functioning laundry and kitchen.

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We’re a locally-run business dedicated to delivering outstanding repair support for homeowners, landlords, property supervisors and even commercial operations in St Ives and surrounding places. We take great pride in constantly delivering a real-time customer care feel, repairs you can trust and rely on at a competitive price – and have been doing so for numerous years!          

Our trusted business as well as its experienced workers have been taught professionally, are certified, insured and are laced with knowledge when it comes to major models and appliance brands. They go through consistent updates on requirements, new technologies as well as repair enhancements for appliances. Our personnel are extremely approachable and friendly; they are aware of where you come from when an essential home appliance has broken down on you.

Dryer Repair

Mobile and Convenient (02) 8776 3024

There are many business appliances we take care of from a wide variety of makers, like Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag and Westinghouse. We’re totally mobile, having a fleet of mobile vans to meet your repair requirements, and can aid you at a moment’s notice. We have a responsive online booking centre if that’s easier for you.        

As The Home Appliance Doctor, we’re quick and dependable. We don’t keep our clients waiting. Immediately after a phone call, your issue will be examined – afterwards, our qualified professionals will be right at your place in a heartbeat. The busted appliance will then be properly analysed in order to identify the problem; a quotation of the repairing solutions cost will be presented to you.

Then, our professionals will get to work after you’ve accepted the cost. In the event wherein the situation is minor, the repair will occur immediately on the same day you called. However, when the issue is more severe, our professionals will need to return to your house with the needed components. More so, we give warranty to the appliances which our employees work on. 

We are dedicated to satisfying our clients and so, if you need to have a home appliance repaired and you are in St Ives, give The Home Appliance Doctor a ring!

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Washing Machine Repair

technician Checking Washing Machine At Home

Today washing machines are an essential workhorse of the domestic household. If they break down, it causes huge disruption to the circulation of your home, requiring garments and bedding to be cleaned manually or at the local laundrette. You want your washing machine repaired quickly. Due to their sophistication and the number of models and brands, we make investments significantly in advanced diagnostic gear to detect the issue before repair starts.

We handle washing machine repairs of all the major brands, including Whirlpool, Bosch, Maytag, Samsung and Westinghouse.

Dishwasher Repair

no heat dishwasher

No one enjoys cleaning dishes by hand! So, if your dishwasher grinds to a stop, call the Appliance Repair Doctor to prevent family arguments about whose turn it is to carry out the washing up!

A dishwasher repair might seem to be very difficult. Our technicians, though, are incredibly experienced and can quickly figure out and fix common issues including leakages, uncommon noise during operation, incorrect draining, failure to fill up water, failure to correctly allocate soap or liquids, ineffective washing or drying out of dishes, complications in door lock and inability to function – indeed, we are effective at correcting all of these for you!

We are skilled in and offer assistance for Bosch and other dishwasher repair needs!

Refrigerator Repair

Fridge Repair

Undoubtedly, most homeowners possess a refrigerator for which they can keep food. However, fridges often bump into a damaged thermostat problem or a fuse that has blown which causes the refrigerator to stop functioning. If you’re going through this issue and your refrigerator is not working properly, a tragedy is certain to be taken care of. With regards to this, time is very important to avoid food ruining which implies wasted money. As soon as you discover an issue, contact us immediately! Our repair specialists are trustworthy, fast and will definitely repair your appliance. In addition, they’ll also recommend you effective ideas regarding how to prevent the same issues from transpiring once again.

Our business offers solutions for refrigerator and freezer repairs of top brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Maytag, Westinghouse and Bosch. We also serve industrial companies who require refrigerator repairs.

Oven Repair

Find the right convention oven for your home

We determine and repair different kinds of stove, both electrical and gas, and oven issues like malfunctioning gaskets and doors, malfunctioning heaters, damaged coil surface, failure of element board to relay and failing of switches.

Other Appliance Repair

Our company offers repair for microwaves, dryers and other household appliances – even the ones that need electrical repairs.

Other Services

In addition, we offer appliance inspection and maintenance solutions and can suggest useful appliance cleaning steps. We can also set up your brand new appliance in your home for you.

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No matter what kind of repair needs you require, so long as you are in St Ives, give the expert doctor a ring in order to diagnose and cure the issue quickly! We will guarantee you will get a fully-functioning equipment as soon as possible. Call us today and we will have you submit a form.