Much like many other suburbs across Australia, Parramatta is home to incredible events that happen at any time of the year. These celebrations are focused on bringing people together, commemorating culture, and indirectly adding to national financial development.
Occasions in Parramatta, NSW are helpful, academic and amusing. When you come here on your next getaway, or you choose to live in this peaceful suburban area, try as much as you can to participate in these events, which will be a terrific method for you to value diversity while still having fun to the maximum.

Below are some of the most awaited occasions in Parramatta

The senior moments
Well, if you are elderly, and you want something that will make you laugh, then the senior moments is an even you can not manage to skip. This is a comedy occasion that particularly targets the old generation, informing jokes about how they have to deal with the more youthful generation. This event includes performances, sketches, and tunes from artists who were born early enough to understand better, and they make jokes about how you are growing old disgracefully, thanks to the technological advances made by the present generation.

This year, the occasion will begin on 28 February, and it will feature actor John Wood who is also a Gold Logie winner and veteran satirist Max Gillies.

The senior moments this year will cast young and veteran artists; hence you can expect to split your ribs to the fresh collection of songs, scenes, and commedy. for about 3 hours, forgetting all your troubles and having utmost fun will be ensured, and this is one of the reasons why you must grab a ticket as soon as now.

The Parramasala
This is considered as one of the most scrumptious event in Sydney. It is basically a celebration of different cultures that occur in Harris Park and Prince Alfred Square Parramatta. The occasion plays host to different celebrations including;

A Friday night street parade
India Tourism Pavilion
Chai Tea Stall and,
People get amused by Cumbiamuffin (a Colombian dance crew) at night

Here, there is chanting, breakfast served from 8.00 am during the Early Morning Masala Saturday, and Yoga is in plenty. On a boring Saturday night, you can check in at the Masala Divas and be captivated by Sirens big band. Also, you can go to Harris Park where you will be amused by your preferred hip hop artists such as Curry Puff Daddy.

On Sunday, you can take part in a number of fun activities including going to the spice gardens and masala markets after lunch. You can also join a Bollywood dance, and dance to the tune of the ever astonishing music from India and Africa.

The date for this year’s Parramasala is yet to be validated, but it is set to take place in March.

The Tragedy and Triumph exhibition
This is a historic event that tells a story of a Reverend named Samuel Marsden who worked relentlessly for the improvement of the lives of women convicted by the colonial masters. The occasion occur at the Lucas Gallery, Hambledon Cottage Museum, and is conducted by volunteer guides from Parramatta. If you are a history lover, make sure you visit at this location which is accessible by train, bus, or ferry. Fortunately, it is a day-to-day event which takes place from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.