Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung WW85K5410WW 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

A washing machine is an essential device in any modern home that cannot be overlooked. Apart from the fact that it increases the modernity of a home, it makes it easy and efficient to wash clothes. Imagine having a tight schedule for a whole week, and being forced to clean all your clothes during the weekend manually. This is overwhelming, right? This is why you need a washing machine as soon as now, and Samsung washing machines are some of the most popular in the modern market.

Samsung is a reputable manufacturer of electrical appliances. In fact, it is one of the most profitable companies around the world. This company offers washing machines with a variety of features and functions. You will, therefore, have a washing machine regardless of your budget plan. However, before buying one, you need to consider this brand’s pros and cons.


Different capacities

We all have different needs and preferences when it comes to washing machines. Some people have large families and need a washing machine that will hold as many clothes as possible, while some live alone, or have smaller families and need a small washing machine. All in all, a good brand should be able to produce washing machines in varying capacities so that they can be able to meet different needs and wants. This is what Samsung has been doing for many years now. When you go shopping, you will find both small and large machines, and it will solely be upon you to decide which one will serve you the best.

Energy and water efficiency

You don’t want a washing machine that will make you pay hefty bills for your water and electricity. You need one that will help you conserve these two crucial resources. To be fair enough, the energy and water efficiency in Samsung washing machines is superb. You will not need to pour a drum full of water in your machine so that you can effectively wash your clothes. Most of these machines also come with an energy efficiency of A+++ and you will save a significant amount on your regular monthly bills.

Use less detergent

Armed with A-class technology, Samsung washing machines do not need a lot of soap. In fact, they are more ‘detergent-friendly’ than washing clothes by hand. If you want to wash clothes for your entire family, you will not have to buy detergents in bulk so that you can ensure maximum cleanliness, all you need is a few sachets, and you will have the cleanest laundry in the neighbourhood.


One drawback of having a washing machine is that they can be noisy. Less noise is one feature that makes Samsung washing machines standout from their competition. They operate in silence. This is not only advantageous to you but also friendly to Mother Nature.

Samsung WF9702N5W 7kg Diamond Range Washing Machine

Samsung WF9702N5W 7kg Diamond Range Washing Machine


High cost

Samsung products are known to be more expensive than others that closely compete with them. Washing machines are not an exemption. If you need to own one, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

Washing waterproof items can be difficult

Most Samsung washing machines come with a warning that you should not wash waterproof items. Washing these items can unbalance the machine, making it less effective. However, Samsung has incorporated a waterproof cycle in its newest HE models. However, the items will still lower the spin, and clients who have purchased them have complained that they become unbalanced with time; hence they don’t get value for their money.

Samsung washing machines have excellent qualities, and their pros outdo their cons. So, should I buy one for my home? Well, this is for you to decide. Read reviews online of different brands and make your informed choice. However, the rule of the thumb is always to have the best you can afford for your Australian home.

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