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Richmond Appliance Repair

Fridge Repair           

Has the overall performance of your home appliance dropped – is it operating slowly, generating weird sounds or, worse still, has it broken down completely?! Are you throwing away money at the launderette, throwing away spoiled food, cleaning your dishes manually or counting on take-aways, since you don’t have round to repairing your home appliance?!

Are you worried about how much it will cost you? Can you picture contacting a sketchy serviceman who can not distinguish the difference between Samsung and Bosch? Are you thinking of fixing it by yourself but you understand you might harm yourself or result in more problems to the appliance?

The Home Appliance Doctor in Richmond (02) 8188 4411

Don’t go on with this problem ever again! Give the Home Appliance Doctor a try now and permit our helpful, accredited professional specialists to repair your appliance efficiently for a cheaper cost compared to what you could have expected.
So, no matter the mechanical or electrical problem with your dryer, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator and other appliance, we are the professionals you have to contact to have your home running efficiently once again. We are here to help make your daily life simpler, getting out of bed each day to a properly working laundry and kitchen.

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We’re a locally-owned business committed to providing first class repair services for home owners, landlords, property managers and even industrial procedures in Richmond and adjacent areas. We pride ourselves on constantly supplying a real-time customer service feel, repairs you can trust and count on at an affordable value – and have been doing so for numerous years!          

Our trusted business and its competent employees have been taught professionally, are accredited, insured and are laced with experience when it comes to major models and appliance brands. They undergo regular updates on requirements, new technologies together with repair improvements for appliances. Our staff are very approachable and friendly; they understand where you come from whenever an essential home appliance has given up on you.

Dryer Repair

Mobile and Convenient (02) 8188 4411

There are numerous industrial appliances we handle from a broad range of manufacturers, such as Westinghouse, Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung and Maytag. We’re fully mobile, with a fleet of mobile vans to meet your repair needs, and can aid you at a moment’s notice. We also have a responsive web-based booking centre if that’s far more convenient for you.        

As The Home Appliance Doctor, we’re quick and reputable. We don’t keep our clients waiting. After a phone call, your situation is going to be looked at – afterwards, our licensed experts will be right at your place in a heart beat. The broken appliance will be thoroughly examined to identify the issue; an estimate of the repairing solutions cost will be given to you.

If the issue is an easy one, the repair is going to be undertaken on the same day as your call. Regarding more severe issues, we’ll be back at your house as quickly as possible with the needed parts. We guarantee all appliance repair job we do. 

We’re dedicated to client satisfaction, so if you’re in Richmond and require a home appliance repaired, get in touch with The Home Appliance Doctor.

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Washing Machine Repair

technician Checking Washing Machine At Home

Today, washing machines are a very important component of the household. In the event of this appliance wearing down, it could cause great problem of a home’s workflow. It will then be required for clothing and beddings to get hand cleaned or be taken to a laundrette. Needless to say, as a customer, you’d require this washing machine to get fixed fast and this is exactly why our company significantly spends in diagnostic devices that will aid in discovering appliance problems before any type of repair happens.

We undertake washing machine repairs of all popular brands, such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Samsung, Westinghouse and Maytag.

Dishwasher Repair

no heat dishwasher

Nobody prefers washing dishes manually! So, when your dishwasher grinds to a halt, contact the Appliance Repair Doctor to prevent family quarrels regarding whose turn it is to carry out the dish washing!

A dishwasher repair may appear to be complex. All of our experts, however, are very experienced and can easily determine and fix common complications including leakages, abnormal noise during operation, improper draining, failure to fill up water, inability to correctly disburse soap or liquids, ineffective washing or drying of dishes, problems in door lock as well as inability to function – indeed, we are perfect for repairing all these for you!

We are skilled in and provide services for Bosch as well as other dishwasher repair needs!

Fridge Repair

Fridge Repair

Most households own a refrigerator to store their perishable food. One common problem is a busted thermostat and a blown fuse forcing the fridge to shut down. In case your refrigerator isn’t working correctly, you have a possible catastrophe on your hands. Time is critical, to avoid the expense of spoiled food. Therefore, once you discover that you have a problem, call our refrigerator repair team. Our technicians are reliable and quick, and can save your fridge – and its items! They can even give you advice on best practices to avoid the troubles recurring.

Our business provides services for refrigerator and freezer repairs of top brands such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, Samsung and Maytag. Furthermore, we serve commercial businesses who need refrigerator repairs.

Oven Repair

Find the right convention oven for your home

We identify and fix various types of stove, both electrical and gas, and oven issues including malfunctioning doors and gaskets, malfunctioning heating elements, defective coil surface, malfunctioning of element panel to relay and malfunctioning of buttons.

Other Appliance Repair

We provide repair service for microwaves, dryers and other household appliances – even those that need electrical repairs.

Other Services

In addition, we provide appliance check and maintenance services and can suggest useful appliance cleaning steps. We can as well set up your new appliance in your house for you.

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