Parramatta is a little residential area in Sydney characterized by abundant cultures, growing economic activities, and generous individuals. When you visit this location, you will be surprised by the rate at which the suburban area is growing, thanks to the passionate effort of its individuals and the resources the government is pumping for advancement. One thing that wows many, and one that will leave you dumbfounded is the variety of destinations readily available in this residential area, and the number of people who throng these locations every day.

Here are a few of the best tourist attractions that you should check out on your next trip to Parramatta.

The Riverside Theatres
This is a leading performing art center in Sydney and NSW. The Riverside theatre plays host to over 1,000 occasions every year; thus it is one place you can not afford to disregard on.

This theatre, which is tactically and conveniently located at the banks of the well-known Parramatta River opened its doors in 1988 and had three fantastic venues in it. They are;

The Rafferty’s theatre
This is the tiniest venue with a sitting capacity of 100 individuals. It appropriate for seminars, small business events, small productions, exhibits, and standup comedy acts.

The Lennox Theatre
This Lennox Theatre is a mid-range venue and has a sitting capacity of 220 people. It is convenient for all occasions that can be hosted in the Rafferty’s theatre, only that it can host 120 more people compared with the former.

The Riverside Theatre
This is unquestionably the giant in the room. It is the largest among the 3 locations and can host up to 761 people. It is constructed for comfort and is equipped with comfortable, plush seats, and an one-of-a-kind proscenium arch stage equipped with a fly tower and orchestra pit. It is best suited for internationalglobal acts and massive production.

The Elizabeth Farm
This farm is not only a great destination in Parramatta, but it is likewise a historic phenomenon. This farm came into location in 1793, and it is home to the oldest European building in Australia which was the home of the creators of the Australian Wool Market; John and

Elizabeth Macarthur.
This building is now one of the most accessible museums you can get, keeping in mind that it does not have any room barriers. When you visit this renowned farm, you will roam easily without obstructions, sit conveniently on antique chairs, checked out some letters sent out to John’s Family in the 19th century, keep yourself warm at the fireplace and imagine you are living a colonial way of life.

There are tearooms in the farm that were made in the 1800s, where you can have light beverages and meals. However, they are only opened on weekends from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm.

The Parramatta Park
The Parramatta Park is a First-rate heritage and is listed as a top must-visit site in Sydney on most travel websites.
Historically, this park was a fertile farm which was used by colonialist for food production. In 1858, nevertheless, this vast land was gazetted as a people’s park.

This park features two big kids’s play ground, where kids can have fun and securely ride bicycles on sealed-off courses.
If you are a lover of history, you can take a curator’s tour of an 18th-century Dairy building which was developed by convicts. The joy you can have in this park is unmatched; therefore it’s one place you ought to think about spending a day on your next trip to Sydney.