How To Move Your Maytag Fridge

Maytag fridgeMaytag fridges are a great deal for Australian homeowners. They are from a trusted brand, and they are highly reliable and reputable. If you have one in your kitchen, you might not be having the very best, but you can attest to the fact that it offers desirable functionality.

At some point in your life, you need to move. Maybe, you have landed a better job elsewhere, or perhaps you need to sell your home, but without the appliances. Whatever the reason, you need to move with your Maytag fridge. This is not a walk in the park. A refrigerator might be big and strong, but some of its parts are highly volatile and moving it without proper planning can cost you a fortune.

Guide On How To Move Maytag Fridges

Empty the fridge

Some people are too lazy to empty a refrigerator, or maybe they are just ignorant. They will try to move their fridges while still loaded. Do not do this with your Maytag fridge. Make sure that before you move it an inch, it is free of all foods, ice cube trays, and any other thing that might add to its weight. Even if you are moving the fridge to the dining room so that you can reorganise your kitchen, make sure you clear everything up. It is the wise thing to do.

If moving your Maytag fridge for a long distance, try to finish up any perishable produce, or you can give them out to neighbours. There are high chances that they will spoil on the way – remember food is a valuable resource that you cannot afford to waste.

Emptying the fridge does not mean removing food alone. Also, remove all the shelves, trays, and other movable items. Label them, securely wrap them, and move them separately.

Unplug your fridge from power

As much as it seems like a common sense thing to do, the refrigerator code is placed on the backside, and it is easy for anyone to forget its existence. You can find yourself moving the fridge without disconnecting it. Make it your business to securely coil the power code into a bundle and tighten it with a tape. Also, remember to safely unplug your Maytag fridge from a water source if it features an ice maker.

Secure the doors


Use a bungee code or a rope to fasten the doors of your Maytag fridge. If yours features a double door, make sure you tie its handles together but avoid as much as possible using a tape since it might hold the doors too tight and leave residue or cause damage to the finish. Make sure they are snuggly shut to let in some air that will make it nearly impossible for mould and mildew to grow inside the fridge.

Get an extra hand

Maytag fridges have some weight. Trying to move them by yourself can be dangerous. If this machine falls on you, it can cause unfavourable outcomes. Moving it alone can also be a daunting task. Get some people to help you move it. You can pay up some people to help, but be careful with the people you trust. Friends and family members are the best people who will help you ensure your fridge safely reaches its intended destination.

Moving-a-fridgeWork with professional movers

This is the easiest way to ensure smooth moving of Maytag fridges. Luckily, there are thousands of professional removalist companies in Australia, and all you need to do is head out to the market and look for the best. They have all the equipment and skills required to ensure that your fridge is safe and secure. To ensure that your Maytag fridge is in safe hands, strive to work with a reputable and highly experienced moving company.

This is how NOT to move a refrigerator!!!!!!

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