Not seeing terrific attractions located in their own yard is something individuals living in cities are accused of. Whereas lots of people dismiss this as pure propaganda, it holds a fantastic sense of truth. If you reside in Sydney, there are possibilities that the most fun areas you visit lie within the town itself. You seldom take time to find out fantastic destinations outside the city, right? This is the reason this article puts together the very best attractions near Blacktown.

And the good news? All these destinations lie less than an hour from Sydney’s CBD. For that reason, spark your car and visit any of the following locations.

Calmsley Hill Farm
If you have never ever experienced farm life, or possibly you have, but you desire your ‘city’ kids to experience it first-hand, this is the place you ought to be. This is one farm that will make a fantastic day out.

Come here and find out about keeping cows and sheep. Also, you will have an opportunity to crack a whip, milk cows, as well as watch dogs look after sheep.

Going To Calmsley Farm is not just about having a good time, but it will also be an informative event, and you may even get a concept of exactly what you can do when city life ends up being unbearable– farming.

Australian Reptile Park
Australia is blessed with all sorts of animals, and reptiles are the most widespread. However, a few of this animals have left from locations around the city due to human infringement to their environment. The Australian reptile park is a location all species of reptiles call home. When you come here with your family, you will meet a crocodile called Elvis, and you will also have a chance to hold Australia’s cuddlier creatures.

You can also take part in a number of activities at Australian reptile Park, including nature strolls and behind the scene trips. Also, if you want to keep kids busy as you focus on some adult things, there are a lot of kids’ workshops here that will keep them occupied all day long.

The Treetop Adventure Park
As the name suggests, many activities in this park are done from treetops. There are lots of flying boxes and rope ladders, which you can use to climb and have a breath-taking view of the whole western Sydney Parklands.

There are a lot of activities to participate in here, and a lot more for kids aged 3 and above.

The Royal National Forest
This spectacular park is known because of one function– there is a Wedding Cake Rock in it. Nevertheless, there is a lot more to explore here. You can cycle, kayak, or stroll to the beautiful wilderness, or you can stick on the guide ropes as you take memorable selfies.

Taronga zoo
The fact that this zoo ignores the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour makes it among the most stunning zoos, not in Australia alone, but worldwide.

It features all animals from all over the world, which just indicates your favourite one is certainly located here.

If you wish to have fun outside the city, then going to any of the above locations found a few minutes from Blacktown, and about an hour from Sydney will be the best summer holiday decision you will make.